PIA insecure for traveling; How Shahid Afridi travels with his family now

Afridi Traveling in Train

They say that Shahid Afridi is more like an entertainer than a player; they are true. The man continues to amuse his fans even when he is off the field.

In the recent picture of his, Lala is seen traveling on the train along with his lovely daughters. The photo not only serves as a hilarious stuff but also reveals the clash of “who is poorer” among the two key Pakistani institutes, PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) and PR (Pakistan Railways). Apart from this, the travel of Afridi can be attributed to low safety standard of PIA, which now relies on the slaughter of black goat as a pre-flight-Sadka.

The record holder batsman who enjoys a huge fan following around the globe for sure is not in an economic state sick enough to incapable of affording the air fare for a family. The recent plane crash tragedy and massive safety failure of ATR fleet owned by PIA have indeed made him prioritize  the train rather than air travel.

All this fun at the expense of PIA and Railways’ services apart the picture of Shahid Afridi with his family is indeed a feast for the fan and just proves that a celebrity is also an individual and can have a family time with his kids too.

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