Its PIA again, tarnishing the image of country


The institutions are considered pillars of state and only well-maintained institutions can manage to earn a good name for the country in front of the world. Their bad shape can cause humiliation for any country.

The similar proved correct by the PIA due to its bad management and lack of check and control. Yesterday, PIA again became a reason of embarrassment for the country when UK agencies raided one of its flights in suspicion of restricted items inside.

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According to reports the PIA flight PK 758 has intruded by 30 members of the UK Border Agency, and they have seized narcotics from the airplane. The members of the security agency also used trained dogs, and they tore apart seats of the plane. They acted like conventional Pakistani police. The security personnel have also arrested 13 members of the cabin crew and held them for more than 8 hours. They also took video and images of the whole operation.

Sajid Ullah, the PIA station manager at the Heathrow airport in London expressed his resentment at this unwanted event; people had to face difficulties. He also said that the concerned authorities hadn’t informed us about any restricted item recovered from inside the plane.

Mr. Sajid also said that all the crew members had been released after initial investigation, and the plane had returned to Lahore airport. He also added that there is no question of the involvement of any of the crew member in this heinous act. The said flight was returning from Heathrow Airport to Lahore when this undesired incident happened.

It appears that mishandling of affairs has become a norm rather than an exception in PIA. Be it is the case of unavailability of pilots for domestic flights or presence of some rats in the airplane, PIA has always been part of newspapers headlines. The concerned authorities need to improve check and balance in PIA so that any mishap could be avoided in the future.


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