Pictures of Faryal Makhdoom that angered Amir Khan’s Parents

There is a much hype of the clashes between Faryal Makhdoom, wife of Boxer Amir Khan and her in-laws.

Earlier, she has accused her in-laws of domestic violence,  Faryal Makhdoom, 25, alleged that her in-laws cropped her out of family photos, hurled a remote control at her and even slapped her. She claimed that her Pakistani in-laws had problems with her baring skin.

But, in their first interview since the domestic dispute made headlines in the international media, Khan’s parents rubbished her allegations, claiming they never so much as laid a hand on her and treated Faryal like their own daughter.

“All this started with the issue of dressing. We kept asking Amir to tell her not to adopt such a dress code. And even if she had to wear such dresses, please don’t post it on social media,” Amir’s Father said.

We present you with the pictures that caused all this fury.







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