Iqbal With his son

Allama Iqbal, the well know philosopher, thinker and Pakistan’s national poet was born on 9th, November 1977. His message of self-consciousness and self-respect motivated the Muslims of sub-continent to strive for the  freedom from British rule and obtain a separate homeland where they could live according to their own desires.

Parents of Iqbal; On Left is his mother Imam Bibi and on right is his father Sheikh Noor Muhammad

Wives of Iqbal 

Iqbal had married three times. He married her first wife Rehmat Bibi on 4 May, 1893. This was not a happy marriage and ended in divorce at somewhere between 1910 and 1913. Even after the separation, Iqbal continued to pay the stipend to his Ex-Wife. He later married the Mukhtar Begum in 1913 who belonged to Ludhiana a town in Indian Punjab. The third wife of  Iqbal was a Kashmiri orphan girl Sardar Begum, she was also his favourite wife.

Iqbal's wife Sardar Begum

Iqbal with his son Javed Iqbal

Iqbal With his son

Allama Iqbal with Ch. Rehmat Ali

Iqbal with Ch Rehmat Ali

Iqbal Offering Prayer in Masjid e Kurtaba in Spain

Iqbal Offering Prayer


Allama Iqbal at Second Round Table Conference in London

Allama Iqbal at Second Round Table Conference in London



A group photo of Iqbal with Muslim Politicians

Allama Iqbal Group Photo



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