Poor PIA management; passenger protest at Lahore Airport

Poor management of PIA unleashed once again when a flight from Lahore to Karachi was five hours late because of unavailability of pilots.

Flight 8380 had to take off at 9 AM from Allama Iqbal Airport Lahore, but the pilot was unavailable. The scheduled captain for the plane was en route from the UK to Lahore, and he refused to take off from Lahore for Karachi after landing because of the tiring journey of 10 hours from London to Lahore.

After the first delay authorities contacted the local scheduling unit that failed to provide any captain, as few were on leave and few refused to forego their sleep while openly defying any commitment to the duty.

So, passengers who were supposed to fly at 9 AM faced trouble as they were not able to get a pilot even on 11 AM, the time when another flight(302) was scheduled to take off. Passengers tried to stop that plane as a protest and asked the authorities to arrange for an alternate, but they didn’t pay any attention.

Now, another flight which is en route from Jeddah to Lahore would land at 1:40 and its pilot would fly the 8380 at 3 pm causing the delay of almost five hours.

Despite paying any attention to the complaints of passengers authorities called the ASF to intimidate them and check them like a suspicion even knowing that they were common citizens agitating at the flight delay.

It is impossible to believe that airport management didn’t know about pilot’s unwillingness to take off another flight after he would come back from London. There was no arrangementĀ on behalf of the management to provide an alternate flight. Meanwhile, two other flights set off to a destination while the passengers of 8380 had to wait for the pilot.

It seems that PIA doesn’t take care of the schedule of its clients who have to travel for attending an important meeting, meeting their relatives or for any other business for which time is indeed matter.

It is surprising that major reason for PIA going in loss is attributed to its staff that is just taking salaries and has no work to do. Ironically, despite this over staffing the airline can’t provide even one captain on its major airport to make sure that flight takes off on time.

National flag bearer is already under hot waters for not providing quality service to its customers and failing to take the security measures for providing a safe journey.

Criticism on PIA increased after the deadliest air crash of PK 661 that took away many precious lives including Pakistani pop star turned evangelist Junaid Jamshed.

If theĀ same situation persisted then, PIA would lose its clients to private service providers and face severe challenges in restoring back to the original status that once boasted to be an icon of high-quality service on the international level.


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