Punjab Govt twitter account

There is an official Twitter account of the government of the Punjab (@GovtOfPunjab). If you see its cover photo, the header, you will be amazed that it is still welcoming President Erdogan. Erdogan is now in Turkey performing his chores, but for the lame Punjab government, he is still visiting Lahore.

It’s been almost a week that Turkish President Erdogan visited Islamabad and then King Sharif city, Lahore.  The whole Lahore was brought to a halt at that day. People walked from Shahdra to Anarkali as no public transport was available but these are the side issues. All is well as three brothers( Erdogan,shehbaz and Nawaz Sharif) enjoyed the feast and the musical night. We, the country which is facing menaces like poverty, unemployment and child labour welcome the guests lavishly as we rightly don’t care for lives.

How ridiculous it sounds that Punjab government still thinks that its 16th of November, the day Erdogan going to land in Lahore not 23rd of November. Punjab government is being hallucinated by the idea of brother Erdogan walking and enjoying on the streets of Lahore.

Give me a break, but Punjab government should change the date on their calendar accordingly, and it should be the first task after coming to the office, why not? If they are still living in the pre-independence era, they should be doing that.

And yes there is one more speculation that Erdogan has joined the Punjab government, the brother of King Nawaz has given him some position in the administration, and from now on we are going to see his face permanently on the government websites, twitter accounts and after some time on the currency notes too.

On a serious note, it’s a shameful and disgusting thing. We are living in an era of technology, it’s the era where the face of administration is online, people surf the websites, social accounts of the governments and get desired information. But Punjab government’s IT department is busy doing something else rather updating the routine work. PITB is responsible for maintaining the foundational IT infrastructure and system of Punjab administration, and it is failing us all.

Why we spend our tax money on departments like PITB, why we are so sluggish that we cannot question the very department, why they are not performing what they are meant for?


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