Pizza Hut Defense

It seems that the famous fast food chain Pizza Hut has just dropped its legacy of providing quick and good services to its customers and started disappointing them with low standards.

The Pizza hub that got popularity among the foodies because of its quick service is severely failing to maintain its standards. I witnessed such compromise on customer service on behalf of a Pizza Hut outlet based in Lahore.

The tale began when  I recently entered the hall and found an empty table that was just left by the diners. The filthy table top messed up with soft drink oozing out of the glass presented very irritating view. Initially, I waited for any serviceman to come and remove the leftovers but no one showed up even after more than 20 minutes had passed. Finally, I decided to contact the manager but ended up knowing very shocking reasons.

Why were they so bad?

The underlying reason of the poor client service that seems to be absent in the Pizza Hut is due to poor treatment with employees by the upper management; that was making the staff to leave the place. The manager revealed that they pay 14000 to cashier and table attendant while he receives PKR 15000 only as salary. The employees are hired for a particular job, but they are asked to do every kind of work. Such practice has lowered the morale of workers who in turn end up providing poor services to the customers. He was just looking to switch on a better job opportunity with a relatively higher package in some other restaurant.

Such critical condition of the service by Pizza Hut has increased the churn up rate as customers are moving out. For employees, it is all about getting a better job with little work stress, so whenever they find any better opportunity, they switch to another job creating a gap of service providers within the food chain. Mostly outlets in Lahore are running short of staff which is causing a delayed service. Customers also don’t find a clean table as no workers are available to remove the mess on the table.

The marketing team of the Pizza Hut introduced the new pizza flavors in Pakistan to cater to the needs of customers, but what people need is a high quality augmented service. Unfortunately, in most of the food chains when related departments offer the owners to reduce the operating costs, but the burden falls directly on the lower level workers who work hard just to get a negligible amount of money in the name of wages.

I don’t know if the situation is same in other branches of the Pizza Hut or not but if it should not happen in one branch even. After all, the company would have to pay the cost of employees’ lower wages in the form of a notable reduction in customers.


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