Brazilian Football Team

The morning of November, 29 has brought a black day for Brazile where a plane carrying the 81 passengers including an entire Brazilian football team has crashed. The plane was on its way to Medellin International Airport while first division soccer team of Brazile boarded on it to participate in a regional tournament.

The team was scheduled to play its two-game  Copa Sudamericana tournament final on Wednesday against the  Atletico Nacional. The final match has been cancelled now.

Aviation authorities from Columbia have reported that almost six people out 81 survived. Few sources say that goalkeeper of the team is also among the survivors, but the news is not confirmed yet.

After the horrific incident took place, rescue teams and relevant authorities immediately reached the place and requested journalists to stay out of place for allowing to carry out seamless rescue operations to save as many lives as possible.

About the Cahpesoence Brazilian football team

The team that hailed from the small town of Chapeco in Brazile had become the member of first division soccer team 2014 after 70 years. It was a huge success that team had managed to reach the final after defeating the Son Lorenzo team from Argentina. The Copa Sudamericana is a tournament equal to UEFA Europa League.


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