Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s granddaughter and Mariam Nawaz’s daughter’s 13th birthday is the center of the attraction in the media.

Here is how the Prime Minister and his heir Maryam Nawaz shared their time with family.

For parents, the birthday of their kids always serves as a special occasion. The fact is evident from the picture where birthday girl is amassing huge love from her mom and dad.

Maryam Nawaz with her daughter

Prime Minister was also present at the ceremony and wished his granddaughter by joining the party by mingling with kids at the event and singing jingles with them.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif at his grand daughter's birthday

The event was all traditional. Prime Minister also prayed along with his granddaughter for her long life.Prayer by Nawaz Sharif for her granddaughter

Since, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif took charge of his office for the third times, every family event of his is making headlines. Earlier, the wedding ceremony of Maryam Nawaz’s elder daughter had received much media coverage. Further, surprise arrival of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had also made the ceremony a center of attraction for the international press.

Now, when he has graced this very family event with great zeal and enthusiasm of grandparents who love to see their kids growing and moving ahead in the life,  pictures of the event are grabbing the attention of social media users.


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