HCS Favored by CM Shahbaz Sharif

(Outlook Pakistan) Will the ‘PML-N bigwigs’ blue-eyed’ Habib Construction Services Ltd (HCS) which is responsible for the killing of seven workers get away this time too?

On last Wednesday the seven laborers who were working on multi-billion Orange Line Train Project perished when a fire broke out at the site of HCS at Mahmood Booti Road. Before this in May last, some seven laborers were also killed and four critically injured when the wall at the HCS construction site of Metro Train Project was collapsed.

Relative of labor who died at site of HCS

To the complete surprise of many no action was taken against HCS after the first incident took place in last May. One wonders why Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif who used to send ‘small time contractors’ behind the bar when a couple of people died at any construction site. But he is so generous with HCs that he even did not bother to order a thorough probe into the back to back incident. “There seems that some top gun in the PML-N circle is behind this company otherwise this could have got away from this crime in which 14 people were killed.”

Lahore Orange Line Train by HCS

A source in the Punjab government told Outlook Pakistan that in a span of eight years HCS has grown to become the largest contractors in Pakistan with approximately Rs95 billion projects under its belt and all are awarded by the PML-N federal and Punjab governments. “The HCS has miserably failed to provide safety and basic protection to its workers on the mega projects like the orange train. In a small incident at a hospital or a private factory CM, Shahbaz would immediately order registration of FIR against the owners or doctors.  But it is most shocking that one incident after the other has happened in Lahore at HCS, but the entire government machinery remained numb and clueless… it’s ironic how a blue-eyed company like HCS can get away with murder (call it an accident or unintentional), but the law should be applicable equally,” he said.

On large infrastructure projects when built at the cost of taxpayers money right or wrong are always flaunted by the rulers who create them. “The killing of 14 workers at the sites of Habib Construction Services Ltd are a matter of a very grave concern. And Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif should not ignore it because of any political compulsion,” demands an affected person of the incident. Will ‘Mr. Speed’ of Punjab will act speedily on this too?

Will PML-N bigwigs construction company HCS get away from the murder of workers?


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