atif bajwa to be governer state bank of pakistan

According to the PPP Senator Saleem Mandviwalla, “For the seat of Governor State Bank, a dual national is being chosen who has also been investigated by the NAB.”

Atif Bajwa is currently president of Bank Alfalah and a close childhood friend of President of Bank of Punjab – Naeem Uddin Khan. Earlier, Naeem had a favor when he managed to adjust his brother at a top position in Bank Alfalah. He was the former president of Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB) and a blue-eyed banker of Sharif’s right-hand businessman Mian Mansha.

The NAB has already summoned Mr. Atif Bajwa for investigation in a fraud case of MCB. Being a close aide of Mansha, it could be guessed that Naeem pitched Bajwa for this top slot to Prime Minister.

On behalf of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), Saleem Mandviwalla has shown strong reservation on the expected appointment of Mr. Atif Bajwa-as a new Governor of State Bank of Pakistan.

Mandviwalla believed that PMLN Government is appointing its favorites at the important post of National institutions. He alleged that Atif Bajwa is very close to an influential Business Group and has been serving for them. His appointment will compromise the credibility of State Bank of Pakistan.

The violation of merit and favoritism is the characteristic of the PML-N lead government. Earlier, it appointed an old college friend as the president of National Bank of Pakistan who had no prior experience of banking rather he had been running old homes in the UK. ON the similar grounds, he has also enjoyed the position of Deputy Governor of the State Bank of Pakistan to bail out the Nawaz family in ongoing Panama case inquiry.

Now another NAB affected and Dual national is being hired for the State Bank of Pakistan governorship with expected assignment to serve the rulers in the cases related to money laundering and Panama money trail.

Mandviwalla asked the Federal Government to appoint someone on merit who is unbiased, non-partisan, and neutral.


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