The war between PMLN and PTI is not merely a clash between two opponent political parties, but it has simply exposed the generation gap, prevalent in Pakistani middle class. From the very rise of PTI till the date, we have witnessed a heated debate in the drawing rooms with parents and their young children occupying two exactly opposite poles.

Ironically, the generation that grew old watching the thrilling performance of Imran Khan as a passionate cricketer in the field and idealizing him couldn’t tolerate him in the field of politics, but for youngsters who only saw the man if green carrying World Cup trophy in the video clips only became hell bent on making him their next Prime Minster.

Say PMLN is a corrupt
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The clash is very well evident from this latest picture of a handwritten note by a PTI supporter that went viral on social media because of its aggressive nature. It might be fictitious, and just a piece of entertainment but it truly manifests the real level of skyrocketing debate among the old generation and young generation.

The fact doesn’t need proof that majority of the middle-class parents simply support the PMLN and don’t hesitate to go an extra mile when it comes to arguing about the eccentricities of the captain and his betrayal on behalf of his friends who are just old faces in a party with slogans of change.

With ongoing Panamagate case, nothing good has happened to the public but only arguments in favor and against of both the parties have gained more strength. PMLN can more precisely blame PTI a party of liars that only loves to accuse opponents without providing any solid proof, while PTI has won another chance to prove that PLMN is just an icon of the corruption and theft of public money by taking the Panama case into court.

The rivalry of parties on its place but both the parties have emerged as a representation of two different generations making the generation gap more clear, irrespective of the fact that both have failed to cater the actual needs and requirements of their followers.


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