JIT final report win for PML(N) or PTI
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After 60-days of probing, finally, the Panama Case Joint Investigation Team (JIT) submits its final report to the Supreme Court (SC) today.

The JIT was formed on 5th May, by the SC to investigate the off-shore properties of the Sharif family abroad.

The all 60 days were full of the political happenings with the highest temperature. Both the ruling and opposition parties were in the field to attack and defend JIT.

“The irony of the Pakistani politics is that, initially, it was PTI to mistrust the JIT and now it’s PML(N) to take the seat.”

Also, PML(N) was the one to celebrate with bhangras on a drumbeat, after the Supreme Court’s decision to make the JIT for probing.

However, where the JIT continued to work according to it’s own course of action, PML(N) blatantly said not to accept the report if Qatari’s statement would not be taken.

PTI while kept on saying to defend the JIT if PML(N) would come up with some wrong plans. In the midst of all this chaos, it’s the final report of the JIT that matters.

Would it be the last verdict on the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s fate and win for PTI? 

The order of the five-member bench of the SC is very relative in this connection. It was passed on 20th April 2017 in Panamagate Case.

The opted paragraph from the order says, “…upon the receipt of the reports, periodic or final of the JIT, as the case may be, the matter of disqualification of respondent No.1 (Nawaz Sharif) shall be considered. If found necessary for passing an appropriate order in this behalf, respondent No.1 or any other person may be summoned and examined.”

But it depends on how the report goes, PTI will clearly take the edge politically as its accusations and claims will prove to be right if the report comes against the PM.

Also, the credit will be taken by the party for standing against corruption. The typical political happenings expected from the PTI side.

But the report may not be the final word on the PM’s politics, consequently, might be harming for PTI.

If the facts and figures went in favor of the Sharifs, then it would another mega case judgment after the 2013 election rigging case’s verdict.

And undoubtedly, it would damage the PTI’s politics to the great because two cases in line filed by the party would go against it.

According to the report of the Dawn, sources say that the Panama Case JIT final report may not be as infringing for the ruling family as they are expecting. It may not be the pleasant one but it might not be that worst too, for the Sharifs.

However, looking back into the past, the Pakistan’s history has many Prime Ministers being disqualified but Nawaz Sharif is surely one of the biggest names.

And deciding against powerful ones in the fragile democracies like Pakistan is something, seems to be rare.

But then the story should not end here, all the corruptionists should make to get in line, in order to prevail justice because Nawaz Sharif is not only one in this game.


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