PMLN Senator forces PTA for law abuse; Illegal hiring of directors


Here exposes another incident of law abuse and nepotism from PMLN senator Miss Kalsoom Parveen from Balochistan. The lady not only supported her son’s illegal hiring in PTA but also pressurised the authority for extension of the laws.

Illegal deputation of Junaid Shabbir Ahmed in PTA

Senator Kalsoon Parveeninfluenced  PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) for hiring his son Junaid Ahmed Shabbir as Assistant Director on BPS-17 on deputation, who was initially serving on BPS-11 in Directorate of Agriculture (Research), Agriculture and Cooperative Department, Government of Balochistan.

Illegal Extension in Deputation 

After the deputation period of Mr Junaid Khan was over, Miss Kalsoon Parveen unethically used influence to pressurise PTA for extending his son’s deputation on a rank six scale higher than his first department. Such extension is entirely illegal as Director General law stated that expansion could not be allowed. Earlier, Chairman PTA Mr Farooq Awan had suspended  Director Pay Packages Mr Tayyab bin Tahir of PTA over the issue of fixing Junaid Khan’s salary.

Professional incompetence and violation of laws 

Mr Junaid Khan also violated the PTA’s laws and committed service breach by remaining absent for 90 days without obtaining any leave. Ms Kalsoom Parveen influenced PTA to use the cover of medical leave for hiding his son’s incompetence and non-professional attitude.

Illegal hiring in PTA, then the violation of PTA laws regarding leave, extension against the law and then retainment of highest salary against PTA terms, authority is compelled to do this under the influence of a PMLN Senator.

Pressurising PTA for retaining the higher Salary

The senator didn’t restrain herself to these acts of law abuse, she is now pressurising the PTA management to extend her son’s deputation according to the same terms even if new government rules don’t allow it. According to the old contract, Mr. Junaid was receiving the salary according to his post of Assistant Director PTA on scale 17, but new PTA laws state the salary of a deputation officer would be equal to his salary in his parent department. Because Mr Junaid was working in his parent department on scale 11 which six levels lower that his present job size of 17, he would have to receive a small salary and this is intolerable to the senator.

PTA is compelled to go against law

To further prompt the PTA for law abuse and implement nepotism in authority, a meeting was held on Friday, November, 11 to consider the extension of Mr. Junaid on new terms. The meeting was attended by a representative from the ministry of Law who told that PTA is a an autonomous body and sovereign for making its law. Issue is that new law regarding deputation came into being after the previous contract was already terminated that’s why it can’t restore Mr. Junaid’s deputation contract on last terms.


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