Police constable arrested

Raising voice against the atrocities of the government proved costly for Police constable Din Muhammad who faced the wrath of his senior officials for slamming the poor governance and exploitation of merit through a social media video.

Police arrested Din Muhammad along with his four innocent kids and made him a victim of violence by walloping him with guns, a private news channel reported.

Although the DSP rebuked the claims that Din Muhammad was beaten in Police custody as the institute believed on a policy of non-violence, a prayer leader of a nearby mosque confirmed that he witnessed DSP hitting the Din Muhammad hard with a gun.

Police officials labeled Din Muhammad as lunatic who is a mentally sick (a common treatment with this kind of people who dare to expose the atrocities by higher officials).

Lower staff members of Police that directly deal with the public are always at a receiving end when rampant corruption in the institute is talked about. There is no doubt that they have to work under critical condition, perform severe duty and serve in difficult circumstances despite getting a much lower salary that makes it hard to survive in economies hard hit by inflation.

If an ordinary police constable dares to open his mouth to utter his frustration against this system which is very hostile to the human power, then authorities spare no time in taking brutal action against him.

Let’s suppose that man was mentally ill, and he might be so as he appeared confused in the video in which he spoke about his genuine grievances, then why he was not taken into a rehabilitation center for getting a cure.

Whenever any such rebel surfaces on media, he is taken into custody followed by an inquiry against him, while labeling his act as a psychological flaw. Do authorities think that torture cells and victimization is the only solution for dealing with mental illness?

What officials fail to understand is that a mental illness can take birth from a systematic illness prevailed in society. The cure doesn’t lie in further prosecuting the victim; rather it requires an overhaul of the system.


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