Policeman slams CM Punjab for defying merit

A Punjab police constable has erupted on social media to talk about the social injustices, defying all the myths and stereotypes that label the policeman as the most corrupt faction of society.

The Policeman is lambasting the Punjab government through his viral video on on social media creating chaos and confusion to the audience as  by complaining about not becoming an educator even he was on merit

He also grills the education in the Punjab with a particular reference to annual and semester systems that are producing discrimination in society.

Policeman proves himself to be a real rebel after receiving the label of being mentally ill (a conventional treatment for his kind of people who dare to speak their frustration in front of the public).

The man wearing the Police uniform doesn’t limit his concerns to the lower staff of his department who face humiliation despite severe duty, but his screams also resonate the every working class even educators who are facing discrimination and injustice at the hands of the government.

Policeman in the video raises his voice against every social vice like corruption, the slaughter of merit, the incompetence of bureaucracy, poor governance, injustice to the lower staff that never gets timely salaries and what not.

The courageous man has not spared even officials like CM Punjab for their sheer contemptuous attitude towards the working class and has emerged out as another social media sensation Bik Gai Gormint, dialogue spoken by an elder woman in Karachi to slam the ruling government.

It seems that ordinary people in India and Pakistan have found refuge in social media to talk about the atrocities of their governments. Earlier, a video of Indian BSF soldier complaining about the poor quality of food had gone viral. He also received labels like a person with suspicious mental status and faced trial from authorities on committing such audacity.

KPK Police treats accused like animals; where is PTI’s slogan of change

We don’t know what is going to be the ultimate fate of this policeman who is speaking the mind of every faction of the lower class that is tolerating humiliation at the hands of atrocity in the country. He can be a mad man, but he can’t be a wrong man; at least in his stance and what he is saying through his video.


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