Pooja Bhatt comes to Lahore; Can she do any better to Pak-India relations


Pak-India relations are a victim of severe nonchalance resulting in the sabotage of peace process. The severe sufferer of the ongoing clash, are the art and artists that are compelled to admit that comes under the subservience of the borders.

Amidst all these clashes the veteran Bollywood actress and director Pooja Bhatt is once again on the private visit to Pakistan.  She came to Lahore via Wahga border on the invitation of Ali Azmat; the former lead vocalist of Junoon group. According to media

Earlier in October, she had come to Karachi and remained in the city for the ten days. She arrived in Lahore via Wahga border on the invitation of Ali Azmat; the former lead vocalist of Junoon group. According to media reports, Pooja Bhatt would celebrate her new year in Lahore.

Now, when the Pakistani cinemas have lifted a ban on Indian movies due to drop in the earnings, we may hope that cultural ties would restore back, but we are not sure whether it would help both the countries to come at peace with each other.

Pooja Bhatt at FPW
Pooja Bhatt at FPW

We have to admit that voices of hatred are still stronger than the voices of love and peace, on both sides that are why we have never been able to resolve our disputes and fought the worse battles in our history.

The issue is that people on each side of the border exploit the real word patriotism in the very bad sense. They think that creating an enemy and then fighting against him to save our land is what shows the love of the land.

Even, the actress Pooja Bhatt named the so called nationalism of right wing extremists in India as an act of bullying before she visited Pakistan earlier.

Real Loss of worsening Pak-India Relations

The fact is that this very sentiment is nothing more than an obstacle on the way of prosperity, especially for our side. We have already seen how terribly cinema owners have suffered after putting ban Bollywood movies.

The deteriorating Pak-India relations are also impacting the economy on both sides. The defense budget of our country always surpassed health and education. From here we should analyze how better we can endorse a patriotism powered by clashes with neighboring countries.

As far as the matter of dignity is concerned, it ultimately gets jeopardized when a country is not economically strong enough to stand on its own. Even if there are no cultural ties between both the countries the art would have the attraction for its counter across the border but for the betterment of Pak-India relations change in policy is called for.


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