First female MNA of GB
Amina Ansari, first female MNA of GB. PHOTO: Humans of Pakistan

Since Pakistani politics is most of the time game of wealthy businesspeople and dukes, Amina Ansari from a destitute family of Gilgit Baltistan long ago had broken the stereotypes by becoming Gilgit’s first female MNA.

“I don’t feel ashamed that I belonged to a poor family and worked hard for prosperity,” Amina said to Humans of Pakistan.

The courageous woman came from the remote area of Gilgit Baltistan, and her father died earlier when she was in Grade eighth.

With seven daughters, it was tough for Amina’s mother to survive in male-dominated society without any man.

So, consequently, Amina got married at the quite young age when she just passed her matriculation exam.

Fortunately, her husband was a supportive guy who helped her to continue her studies and was himself involved in seeking education too.

Back before 90’s, when there was no college in Skardu of Gilgit, the inspiring lady completed her bachelors privately and then later finished her B.Com.

Being one of only two girls of GB who make it to B.Com, Amina set an example for other girls to pursue higher education.

In 1990, when girls getting employed was considered something as cheap and contrary to customs, the brave woman went against all the relatives and society by doing a job with her husband’s and mother’s support.

She joined Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP) and worked as a field coordinator; she remained involved in social work for 14 years.

“She aptly proved that with hard work and passion one can achieve anything no matter rich or poor.”

A turning point in her life appeared to happen in 2005 when she got a chance to run for the election of Member of National Assembly (MNA).

But the real struggle began at that point when she had to contest the election by going against the cleric from the opposition.

A ‘fatwa’ had declared by a cleric from opposition against her but, she remained firm and consistent.

“I contested general elections to let people know that women can also be good leaders,” Amina Ansari said.

Finally, she won the elections, and after a great struggle, she managed to grab the title of Gilgit’s first female MNA despite massive opposition.

Last year, Romania was also likely to appoint Sevil Shhaideh, as its first female and Muslim Prime Minister for the first time in history.

However, while Amina was on her way to success, she got hit by disease of blood cancer but also not giving up at such crucial stage of life led her to survive cancer even.

Now, she works as a legal advisor at ‘Access to Justice’ and introduce women entrepreneurship in Gilgit Baltistan to empower women.

Pakistani women are always capable of doing wonders and months before they came on scene by challenging men to try beating them.

However, facing lots of hurdles in her way, in man’s world Amina managed to become first female MNA of GB lagging behind her former status of being poor.


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