Poorly trained, Bollywood inspired traffic wardens attack citizen in Lahore


In Lahore, few days before Eid, the Traffic Wardens attack citizen by kicking his car and breaking its window pane madly.

A video of the incident went viral on the internet and exposed the wardens’ inability and maltreatment.

The frustrated wardens instead of handling the situation professionally acted like a total failure who tried to impose the law by breaking it.

Reportedly, the car was a non-custom paid and the warden asked the driver to stop and come out but he refused.

Consequently, the traffic cops lost their minds and proved their incapability. Also so stupidly, the newly trained Dolphin force official tried to break the window pane of the car, showed their poor level of training.

These traffic police officers are graduated and well trained; a good amount of budget is allotted for their training. Despite the efficient training, the officials failed to cope with these situations in a proficient way.

A couple of days before in Faisalabad, a traffic warden arrested a truck driver by a stupid stunt rather than using the wireless to stop the truck.

These ignorant traffic wardens seemed to be inspired by the action-packed Hollywood and Bollywood movies.

Lahore Traffic Police also seemed to be inspired from the Faisalabadi warden and may be wanted to emerge as heroic officers who not let a lawbreaker to escape the scene.

But contrarily, the warden kicking the car, get suspended today when his video of assaulting a citizen came on the scene.

Though the citizen was at mistake still it doesn’t give the right to any official to harass and attack him.

As the traffic wardens attack citizen and ill-treated him, they exposed the unprofessionalism and incompetence of the Lahore Traffic Police.


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