Non Halal Chicken

In the latest session of Punjab Assembly, a discussion erupted raising the question whether the chicken is Halal or Haram as its feed contains pig fats, which is plainly forbidden.

Umer Sultan Cheema, from PMLN-Q, submitted a resolution in Punjab assembly that chicken feed imported from the India was contaminated with pig fats in it which is haram. He demanded that import of chicken feed from India and other countries should be banned.

He told the house that veterinary doctors and feed dealers have confirmed that chicken feed contains pork in it.

Still, the matter is ambiguous as it is not confirmed whether consuming a chicken fed with pork is halal or haram.

The issue of Halal and Haram food is very significant for Pakistan which consists more than 97% Muslim population. In the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, people are unknowingly eating food which doesn’t fit best to the standards of being halal. Perhaps, consumers think that living in a Muslim majority country means that you don’t need to scrutinize the halal or haram nature of the product, as it is supposedly going to be suitable. In actual this is not the case, Last year, a report revealed that 90% of Pakistanis were consuming non-halal products.

Apart from religious grounds, the need to focus on production of halal food items also increases as international demand for such goods is also high. By ignoring the production of items on the norms of halal and haram Pakistan is not only producing unsatisfaction for local customers but also missing a significant economic opportunity of selling the standard halal food in the international market.


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