PPA cklaims no import of poultry feed from India

PPA (Pakistan Poultry Association) has contradicted the claim of PMLN-Q MPA that Pakistan’s poultry industry consumes chicken feed contaminated with pig fats.

Earlier, the PML-Q MPA Amir Cheema had submitted a resolution in Punjab assembly that import of poultry feed should be banned as it contains pig fats which are non-halal. The subject raised a discussion whether the poultry products that consume such feed is haram or halal.

“Pakistan doesn’t import chicken feed from any country including India,” said the Maj (Retd) Javaid Bukhari, Zonal Secretary PPA.

Press release issued by PPA stated, “Poultry Feed, as Feed is not being imported in Pakistan, in fact, it has never been imported as such. Under laws of Pakistan, the import of any ingredient that contains material of porcine origin is banned.The exporters to Pakistan of any edible ingredients certify that their product is free from materials of porcine origin.”

“At the port of entry in Pakistan the feed products are tested by the concerned government department, and it is ascertained that the product is free from pork fat and meat, etc.”

While elaborating on the economic output given by poultry sector, PPA stated, “Poultry industry consumes a host of by-products produced by agro-industrial enterprises like solvent extraction, wheat and rice milling, Gelatin Industry and transportations, etc., and is also supporting many crops like corn, sorghum.”

“In Pakistan, there are 25000 poultry farmers and poultry industry has an investment of about Rupees 700 Billion, which provides employment to over 1.5 Million people. This industry provides the cheapest source of animal proteins to our small strata income group.”

PPA also raised concerns about consequences of the resolution that was based on false information by explaining that poultry sector was already struggling to come out of financial crisis and such uncalled for discussion would further jeopardize its status of the industry.
PPA also requested Chief Minister Punjab, Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif and Speaker Punjab Assembly Rana Muhammad Iqbal to take notice of the issue and help the poultry industry to come out of the current situation that has made things worse for the sector.


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