PIA ATR Flight Sadqa

A picture showing the PIA employees slaughtering the black goat before ATR flight, on Benazir International Airport went viral. Although, the PIA claimed that such practice was not a part of any security policy rather an attempt by employees after an ATR was cleared for flying to Multan.

The action that is considered as a way to ward off evil in Pakistani cultural background received criticism from the social media users in the context of PIA’s flawed safety measured.

Social Activist Jibran Nasir said on Twitter,

“Why was the goat sacrificed? The pilot doesn’t trust the plane? PIA doesn’t trust the pilot? CAA [Civil Aviation Authority] doesn’t trust PIA or passengers don’t trust anyone?”

Black Goats Demand the Resignation of Employees

Out of sheer pity, I decided to stand by a black goat who had just heard this news. I paid attention to his feelings emanating from his heart in the form of every gesture and body language being exhibited by him. With a little more focused concentration, I was able to listen to his complaints. “Why is it so that “Mostly a black goat is a scapegoat,” Am I such bad that my departure from this world would guarantee the safety of so many human beings lives, or am I such precious that the lives of others can become more secure in exchange for my blood “?

“If sacrificing my life is such a promising thing for compensation of human errors, then why there exist so many departments? If I have to be sacrificed before every flight has to take off then what is the need of CAA (Civil Aviation Authority), all these engineers who perform checks and test on the air vehicles for their safety. What is the need of paying for the PIA’s management that bags a huge revenue of international airline as its salary? Or what is the even need of spending huge money on renovation and repairing of engines and other parts of the fleets? After all, all this hassle is endured just to ensure the safety of passengers, but none of these efforts have succeeded in doing so, and an ATR flight became a victim, and my blood is being spilled on the runway as a hedge against the accidents”.

He supported his argument with a tweet of anchor Ejaz Haider who said.

“When Charles Perrow was working on his theory of normal accidents, he totally missed out on ‘kala bakras’ as a hedge against accidents.”

What CCP told CAA to run the in-flight kitchen at ISB airport?

He just moved on, “Now when the PIA is waiting for the next tragedy, it is not willing to accept the responsibilities. The employees have decided to slaughter me, for ensuring the safety of ATR flight. What if any such tragedy comes again in future, who would be responsible, would people question me not being active or pure enough to be accepted as a scapegoat. Seriously, I am not such selfish and don’t wish that another such horrific incident happens again, but did you care to hold the real culprits accountable for this complete loss”.

“These poor employees and pilots who can’t dare to stand against the authorities are brutally slaughtering the black goats”

“Now when the management has failed, and all the burden of safety lies on our blood it is better for PIA management to resign in our favor.”

I was engrossed in such long speech of the poor black goat who was waiting for his turn to save the humanity while giving his life, that suddenly a smirk converting into laughter diverted my attention. A modern liberal man, who always lambasted the cultural superstitions, was standing by my side. It was evident from his laughter that misery of the goat didn’t affect him, rather it was the very joy of winning an argument for his opinion that believing in the superstitions is just stereotypical rather than being rational, logical and becoming more target oriented.

And yes, the action of sacrificing a black goat on the runway for the safety of ATR flight has proved who is stereotypical and who is goal driven.


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