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It is a well sought research which proves that high school students of today face the same level of anxiety due to work load and studies as that of mental asylum patients back in the 1950’s.

I, myself, am a graduate of one of the best Private schools in Pakistan. As much as I have loved it, and I feel honored because I was once a part of it, I would be lying if I said that the studying pressure thanks to Private schools and the mass syllabus is easy to handle. Because its not, and if you get teachers who don’t support you, high school can be hell for you completely.

We guess that’s exactly what happened with this girl from Lahore Grammar School Johar Town (LGS JT). She was an A levels student, aged only 18, and she passed away in the past week due to a heart attack. Yes, Maryam Khaliq, an 18 year old, had a heart attack. She did not survive it.

Her mother was interviewed by Mubasher Luqman, here is the video for your convenience:

Maryam’s mother has criticized LGS JT and has explained how the teachers were very degrading towards Maryam. They did not allow her to take the A levels CIE examination as a regular candidate, because of which Maryam appeared as a private candidate eventually. She holds a distinction in law today, however, she is no longer with us.

The blame cannot only be put on LGS JT, or as a matter of fact, on any single private institution. The reason being that all private schools in general are pressurizing students so much, that they are facing mental health issues or are being inclined towards committing suicide.

A child in Kindergarten merely aged 5 is being taught how to make sentences and solve comprehensions. And by the time he reaches O/A levels or Matric and Intermediate, it is taught to him that getting the highest marks in class is termed as perfection. It does not matter whether he’s great at writing, great at art, drama, or anything. His imagination is controlled, and is limited to remain within books. This has lead to the downfall of the education system in Pakistan, because a child is taught to cram books instead of being creative. He is taught that a family’s pride which depends on his grades is higher than his happiness, and that his school’s reputation is greater than his life.

Its high time that teachers and parents alike try to understand the stamina children and students, and try not to push them to such an extent that they give up on life altogether.

We hope Maryam Khaliq rests in peace.


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