Houbara bustard Arab Royals

Pakistani Royals and Arab Royals, both are hell bent on giving privileges to each other, if the poor hourbara bastard knew this fact it would have never migrated to Pakistan by considering it a secure habitat for the winters.

Houbara Bustards are the internationally conserved species and need particular attention for their conservation. As the Arab royals have always remained gentle and gracious for Pakistani ruling families, that’s why Pakistani rulers consider it their moral obligation to compensate their Arab companions by greeting them with more kind acts of generosity. Even it is alright to meet such moral duty by allowing the brutal hunt of the powerless houbara bustard, after all, they are just birds, we should care about human rights and hurting someone by disallowing him to fulfill his whim is a gross violation of his very fundamental right.

But in the recent season, as bestowment rained upon the Arab families by the Pakistani rulers, a very enigmatic conflict emerged;

The battle is known as human rights vs. human rights. Farmers of the Mahni area of Tehsil Mankera of the District Bhakkar just launched the protest against the Arabs who forgot to care about the rights of local farmers and ruthlessly crushed the chickpea crop while chasing the birds.

Farmers claim that Qatari Arabs are less gracious than U.A.E Arabs as they don’t give enough funds as compensation for the crop destruction. Farmers just wanted more compensation for their crop damage. The police came in front to defend saying that farmers have become habitual of asking for the funds from Arab families by launching demonstrations, and they don’t even acknowledge any developmental projects initiated by the Arabs.

I just wonder why innocent citizens harvest the crops when they know that ultimately their efforts would be crushed under the feet of these mighty Arabs who have become habitual of feasting upon the houbara bustard. They are a fool. Indeed, they should sit idol instead of work in the fields as all the developmental projects and profit that they can yield from the crops would ultimately come from the Arabs. As far as the fate of poor houbara bustard is concerned, then it’s ok, Afterall human rights are the first.


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