Schools Mafia in Pakistan charging high fees

Private school Mafia has hijacked the Pakistan’s education system by tormenting the parents with hefty fees that cross the figure of Rs 40,000 for one month.

All the speculations and perceptions aside, here are the details of fees charged by schools in Karachi. Even the cost gap within private schools would reveal what the parents are buying in the name of education. Leave the government schools out of the discussion they can’t even dare to match these standards.

Fees charged by schools in Karachi

Business Corporations disguised as schools

In Pakistan, schools don’t actually perform the duty of a  learning center rather they are in business to make profits by charging hefty amounts as monthly dues. There are institutes that charge 30,000 plus only as tuition dues, adding up the costs for uniform, books, events, security and other such things increases the charges up to 50,000 per month.

Parents who are willing to go to every extent for giving the best education to their kids, often run out of the budget in an attempt to pay the dues of school.

Just have a look at the difference between fees charged by schools for A-level studies.

  • Happy Palace:      11000
  • Hexis College:      16000
  • Cordoba:             21000
  • Avicenna School:  21000
  • Cedar College:     32000
  • BeaconHouse:     37000

All the schools are teaching the same courses but with a price difference of almost 26000. Education has undoubtedly emerged as a business where two companies are offering the same product but in different pricing only because the standard of quality doesn’t match.

Fee structure information

So, what would be the impact of a low standard education that a modest fee buys? Simply, the students wouldn’t be compatible, and they would expose to injustice in practical life for being less competent and lacking the knowledge because they couldn’t afford to buy the modern means of education.

The fact is evident from job competition in Pakistan’s corporate sector where fresh business graduates from elitist universities like IBA and LUMS always excel in getting jobs on a priority basis.

The matter of higher education comes later. In a country like Pakistan where extremism is a challenge, unequal system of education playing its part to aggravate the situation. In rural areas where parents can’t even afford to send their kids to government schools, Madrassahs come out to be final options. Unfortunately, these institutes that promise to offer religious studies often end up leading the children towards extremism by teaching distorted facts and brainwashing them to use for their purpose.

As far as, there is a class system in the society kids of poor and rich are never going to experience the same quality of life, but can we compromise on the quality of education by making it a commodity only in the reach of rich people?


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