Project Ghazi
Project Ghazi Poster

Project Ghazi is going to be the first mainstream superhero movie in Pakistan whose trailer is revealed. The star cast of the film includes Humayun Saeed, Syra Shehroz, and Shaharyar Munawwar. The trailer introduced first a man behind a mask; this man claims that human beings are nothing more than a mere illusion. He is going to expose the reality of the human beings. Now that’s some creepy-ass villain. In the trailer, one gets to see dashing Humayun Saeed, Shaharyar Munawwar and Syra Shehroz in their full glory. The trailer, the introduction, and the shrewd commercial sense that Humayun Saeed possess makes it a promising movie for the cine goers. Here is the extremely promising trailer of the movie.

“It’s a story of an advanced soldier project, and it spans over a period of 20 years,” director Nadir Shah explains to the media that how it is going to be about a super hero. Now one is getting vibes that it would be about a military experiment gone wrong in the lines of DC movies famous character Deadshot which is an angle that has been used a lot of times.  In the earlier scene, the way antagonist is addressing the “mankind” looks like a rip off from DC Comic’s Bane. The same shrill in the voice and same mannerism makes ones feel there is a lack of originality.

Project Ghazi
Project Ghazi Star Cast

Humayun Saeed with Project Ghazi as well as Punjab Nahi Jaungi seems to be proving himself as an actor who understands the requirements of the popular cinema. Syra Shehroz and Shaharyar Munawwar are one of the more commercially successful actors in Pakistani television. The challenge for them though would be to make sure that the execution of the action sequences as well as CGI must be impressive as they form a critical part of the way overall presentation of the superhero movie is supposed to be carried out. If the movie is successful, then we would be having our very own version of a superhero which is enough to keep us hooked.


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