Shahrukh Khan Raees

Here Shahrukh Khan teaches you how to promote your product while giving a public message. Off course, who can use such shrewd policy better than anyone like, King Khan?

He just posted a video on message on Twitter for his fans and advised them to don’t drive while they are drunk the event of the new year.

He just adopted his Raees style and spoke like a Don. So, the man did a two in one task where he incorporated a public message and his film’s promotion at one place. Such marketing jargon is not old at all, but it is indeed influential that superstar like Shahrukh Khan couldn’t deny its use. After all, who knew its worth better than him.

Such ways to promote the film by carrying the basic theme in the form of small video clips is gaining popularity.

Shahrukh Khan’s Raees is all set to release in cinemas on 25th January 2017. The actor has appeared in the role of a Gujarati Don and playing a villain like a hero in his film. Nawazuddin  Siddiqui is playing against the Shahrukh Khan as a government officer. The film is also unique as it is a Bollywood debut of the superstar Mahira Khan.


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