Google searches by Pakistanis

Whether it is PSL schedule or iPhone 7, Qandeel Baloch or Momina Mustehsan, top searches on Google by Pakistanis resembled much with the trendiest topics on social media.

Below are the trendiest phrases that Pakistani internet users put in Google search box.

Cricket scores

Cricket is the sport that beats in the hearts of every Pakistani. The year 2016 was important in the regard that it brought significant events for Pakistanis in the form of T-Twenty World Cup and also the first season of PSL (Pakistan Super League).

PSL Schedule 2016

The year 2016 was also unique in the regard that it was characterized by the historic event that is the first season of PSL. Now Pakistan finally has its very own league of cricket. The schedule of PSL season 2017 is also making a search trend as the season is approaching.

PTV Sports Live

Again this is something strongly correlated to the Sports. Those who could not watch cricket on their TV just took to the smartphones and searched for the channel that could quench their thirst for this thrilling game.

Euro 2016

The craze of football equally exists in Pakistanis like other nations. This simply made the Internet users don’t miss the worth watching event football world, Euro 2016.

Pak Vs Eng

From cricket to cricket, this is what people are Khan’s. The fact depicts aptly when just a usual event of the sports can’t skip becoming popular search on Google.

iPhone 7

Why a gadget like iPhone wouldn’t succeed to be on the tips of the user who has to search for the latest smartphone devices. Yes, the release of iPhone was much awaited in Pakistan too despite, the fact that not every Pakistani was able to afford it.’

Big Boss 9  

Big Boss 9 kept viewers hooked on the TV screen, and those who missed the exciting and entertaining happenings in the reality show just took to the Google and satisfied their curiosity about what is next.

T20 World Cup Schedule 

Yes, its again cricket and looking for T20 World Cup 2016 was much important to avoid the chances of missing any game.


Bollywood movies have always brought unique entertainment for Pakistani viewers. Salman Khan’s blockbuster Sultan was also the much-awaited movie and many people used their laptops and computers to watch the film online and yes Google was the way.

Olympic Game Rio 2016 

An unexpected Google searches by Pakistanis indeed as there was a little to no representation of the country in the event. No wonder that people still looked up to the internet after all who is up in the race of models in the international sports event matters a lot.


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