PTI becoming male chauvinist party

After Naz Baloch, Ayesha Gulalai Wazir quits Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) due to almost same reasons that of Naz, raising serious reservations that, is liberal PTI becoming male chauvinist party?

Ayesha’s quitting party at the moment when it is most popular among nation shows that lady must have taken the extreme step due to some serious reasons.

In a post on social media, it has maintained that due to Imran Khan’s immoral character, Pervaiz Khattak’s corruption in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) and regarding workers of the party as ‘worthless’ by gang around Khan are her main reasons for leaving PTI.

“There is no respect given to the female members of the party,” Ayesha stated.

Soon after the announcement of leaving PTI by Waziristan’s politician, Naz Baloch also steps in; requesting to respect the females.

“For God’s sake, respect your women,” Naz stated.

Naz Baloch, when left PTI and joined Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), regarded Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf as ‘male chauvinist’ party.

She maintained that women’s suggestions are not given any respect and importance in the party. Imran Khan also immorally remarked on Naz’s departure calling her ‘useless.’

It somehow proved that both the ladies are quite justified in calling party as a hub of disrespecting the women.

Also, the same PTI females who get disregarded in the party slammed Reham Khan months before.

However, Ayesha on August 1st, 2017 severely targeted Imran Khan calling him “do number Pathan” (not real Pathan) who doesn’t know the meaning of honor and respect.

“Women and daughters are not safe in PTI due to the party’s chairman,” Ayesha said to Geo News.

She is also a member of National Assembly (MNA) and openly refused to vote Sheikh Rasheed in the election for interim PM.

The woman has been in the party for long, and according to her, she has been tolerating the wrong treatment for quite a span.

But finally she decided to quit, and she further added that Imran Khan respects only wealthy people or the ones who got private planes.

There is no importance of ordinary worker in the party, and neither respect is given to them according to Ayesha Wazir.

After, back to back departures of two female members of the party due to claims of PTI becoming male chauvinist is not less than a serious issue and should not be neglected by Imran Khan.

Khan claims to respect women and regards PTI as a liberal and respectable platform for females, but the statements of Naz and Ayesha are contrary to his declarations.

If so is the case, either PTI should consider its policy towards females otherwise stop regarding the party as heaven for women.


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