Reham Khan remarks face backlash

Reham Khan’s indecent comments about females joining the political parties faced a severe backlash for targeting their families.

In a media talk, Reham Khan lambasted PTI’s senior leadership for showing the cold attitude towards the youngsters and keeping a distance with them.

“If in your political parties feared the God, then females from the ‘honorable families’ would have joined them.”

Without particularly naming any Party she said, “No brain in Pakistan is democratic. Any youngster you use to knock the door, have you ever seen sitting on the stage. Have you seen the females who grace the processions making to the stage.”

After Reham Khan’s objectionable comments, PTI female members couldn’t resist giving a befitting response as her remarks were quite disgraceful for their families.

Here is what they have to say.

Reham Khan passed a comment assassinating the characters of the respectable female members of PTI and we wont stand by it#WeArePTI

— Dua Bhutto (@duabhutto3030) April 4, 2017

They saw it unethical and as an assault on the character of their families.

It seems that being in the flow of her speech while lambasting the political parties, she forgot to keep an account of her words that openly grilled the families of female supporters along with political parties.

Such response from the PTI members was not unexpected at all as they were shocked to hear these humiliating remarks from a female.


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