PTI Minister’s Quirky way to distribute Eidi


A Minister of the KPK province has announced to distribute Eid money and Eid cards to the children of this district in a unique way.

The leader of the Southern districts and the Provincial Minister of wealth, Ali Amin Gandapur,  have asked to announce through social media websites that he is going to distribute Eid money and Eid cards to the children by dropping from a helicopter on Friday. The ads posted by the minister also includes the pictures of Imran Khan and Chief Minister Pervaiz Khattak.

Latif Naizi, who the personal secretary to the minister, said that the minister took this initiative to bring joy and smiles to the faces of the children of his district. He said that on Friday, sector 64 of Dera Ismail Khan will be showered with 20 rupees bills from rented helicopter for the children. A total of forty thousand will be distributed to the kids on that day.

The Minister is being criticized for this act and is calling it a tactic to get more votes in the next elections.

Although the Minister’s intentions are to entertain and amuse the children of his district, the parents, however, are considering this dangerous for their children as the would be running and jumping roof to roof and running into the traffic to catch the money which might put them in danger.

But most of all, this campaign is being criticized because the money being spent on it is way more than the money the Minister is offering to distribute amongst the children.


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