The only consistent phenomenon in PTI’s politics is U-turn, everything else is nothing but slogans and big promises and then more PTI U-turn. Some senior analysts like Zafar Halali and Haroon Rasheed spoke on the television that Khan did the right thing as He wanted resignation or accountability, and by the intervention of Supreme Court, now there is no need for agitation.

Social media is trending with #U-turn wala and # PTI U-turn, and it’s trending just like #Chai wala. Socialites are making fun of Imran Khan by tweeting several interesting things as someone tweeted that traffic police is planning to name all the U-turns as Imran Khan.  I think that khan’s problem is that he sometimes underestimates the rivals, at times he thinks that only he is right and he need not any reason to explain what his goals are? One thing is for sure Imran was asking investigation or resignation, and when supreme court has intervened that they will scrutinise the whole episode of Panama leaks, Imran on paper achieved what he wanted. Pmln leaders are raising their voices, as we won, we won. Somebody, please tell them that they are in a corner now, Pmln is not having recently good relations with military establishments on the leaks of English newspaper, now if supreme court started looking into the matter seriously, it would ruffle pmln, but they are celebrating it as their victory.

Khan has to take party workers and voters in confidence that why he never came down from the bani gala mountain, why he remained in his house while supporters were beaten up and got arrested.

Every time Khan calls a dharna; he never gets many protestors he thought of, this time situation was again the same. Pmln has started arresting and assaulting workers this leads to a theory that Khan was thinking that he is now standing nowhere, and he was looking for an excuse to call off the dharna to save his political career. But there are big chances that its khan’s master stroke, he played this delivery on back foot deliberately, he was looking to cut this ball towards the third man late.


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