PTV female anchor Tanzela Aslam

PTV anchor Tanzeela Mazhar has revealed that she faced sexual harassment by the channel’s current affairs director, Agha Mashood Shorish. She also filed a complain against the accused and requested concerned authorities to inquire into the matter.

She didn’t point towards the inappropriate conduct of the director current affairs but also vowed to expose those anchors and members of management who were accompanying the culprit.

The most shocking part of the incident is that inquiry committee asked Tanzeela Why she didn’t leave her job after being harassed?

In an inquiry on my complaint of harassment against Masood shorish,PTV comittrmee asked y didnt you leave job if u were harrassed?

— Tanzeela Mazhar (@TenzilaMazhar) January 18, 2017

She also exposed the filthy language used by the staff to discuss women, while sharing the screenshot of conversation.

Although, the matter is still under discussion and needs an unbiased inquiry but does asking the questions like why the victim didn’t quit the job imply that ladies who suffer the sexual harassment at the workplace should really back off. Does PTV management want to convey a message that a man can use any cheap tactics to intimidate their colleagues and make them suffer the worse humiliation?

Instead of ensuring implementation of meaningful steps management has issued the warning letter to victims for facing the consequences if they continue to complain about wrongdoings they are facing while working with the organization.

PTV is the most prestigious and also the most state biased channel. Perhaps, it is useless to expect justice and impartial inquiry of the matter from an organization that has mastered the art of hiding facts while practicing the decades-old practice of eulogizing the ruling government. How we can expect the channel to seriously take into consideration a matter that may question the dignity of its workplace environment.


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