Clash on Pashtoon cultural day in PU

A clash between two student group in Punjab University new campus left many injured making police and security forces to intervene.

A student organization was celebrating the Pashtoon cultural day in the university. According to reports, an opposing student group started throwing stones and smashing the food stalls resulting in a skirmish that left many students injured.

The incident took place outside the Faisal Auditorium near International Relations department.

Police have arrested almost five students.

After the clash police have started a search operation in hostel number 9 of the university while students are resisting the cops while stopping them from entering the hostel.

Police force called on campus to maintain law and order had to use shelling and tear gas for disrupting the students according to local media. Injured students were taken to nearby hospitals for rescue.

University administration had given permission to the students for the cultural day, but still, no security was provided to avoid any such unpleasant incident. Such incidents have taken place in the past too where student groups clashed by ideological differences.

Although, there is an official ban on student organizations in Pakistan since the era of Zia-ul-Haq but still IJT (Islamic Jamiat-e-Taliba) the student outfit of Jamat-e-Islami is successfully able to maintain its hegemony without any interruption from the officials.

The student outfit which is dominant in Punjab University and few institutes of Karachi claims to be the custodian of Allam Iqbal’s vision but is always found indulging in the acts that actively contradict vision of Pakistan’s national poet.

In Pakistan, no other student organization is allowed to hold rallies or involve in such acts Earlier, in January some students from different institutes who tried to hold Insan Bachao rally to raise their voice against extremism were arrested by Punjab Police and barred from demonstrating.


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