Punjab Police violence of Father

A recent video of Punjab Police’s brutality proves that department is entirely devoid of ethical norms when it comes to treating with citizens at public places.

In a viral video on social media has shown Police beating a citizen in front of his son, while the little kid keeps on crying and begging to have mercy on his father.

The incident took place at  Greater Iqbal Park in Lahore where Policemen started hitting a man brutally in public while his son was also there.

The kid who seems to be at the age of 6 or 7 cries while screaming “Don’t beat my dad, Don’t beat my dad.”

Reportedly, DSP Shams Durrani from Badami Bagh circle was the officer who made the man victim of this brutal violence in front of his family.

Even if the person was suspect or an accused, then he still deserved to have a chance for explaining his position or at least a treatment in a more humane manner.

Punjab Police should have considered the psychological impact on that innocent kid who saw his father becoming a victim of such maltreatment.

It seems that acting upon moral values while securing the cities and public places is not a part of the Police. Civil servants meant for providing safety to the people and serving them in the best way tend to behave like rulers and dictators while creating an atmosphere of terror where our next generations have to breathe in.

Punjab Government which is worried about the decades old uniform of the police and changing it with a new one should also find a way to alter the tradition of violence and targeting the citizens in public. What matters the most is how much impact these civil servants make in the people by treating them with respect and dignity.


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