Safe city website hacked

Punjab safe city authority website got hacked yesterday. Its, not the first time that Pakistan has faced cyber attack. It seems that technology illiterate PML-N government do not know the consequences of cyber attacks. Will the government ever consider deploying technologically updated websites?

Yesterday Punjab safe city authority website got hacked by anonymous Indian hackers. The Indian hackers left their message on the front page of the website. It not only came as an embarrassment for the country but raised many questions on the credibility of the officials at Punjab safe city authority. We are unable to understand that body is meant to ensure public safety by using modern means and technology. If this is the standard of them, who is going to save the city and public?

PSCA on their website presents their vision as:

The Punjab Safe Cities Authority envisions secure, peaceful and prosperous cities of the Punjab. By incorporating modern technology and methods, it aims to redefine the capabilities of law enforcement agencies and help ensure public safety.

After this hacking episode, it all seems to a joke to us. Why Shehbaz Sharif always wants to create new and more institutions and never pays attention to their functionalities?

PSCA is another project like Dolphin Force, which never proved instrumental in guarding public on ground. The authority which is established to ensure that the cities of Punjab remain safe is incapable of its own safety.

It’s the modern world where technology and especially the internet is creating wonders. Punjab government has to implement these modern means in it’s each and every department. And by implementing, we mean surety and security that their databases and websites never get hacked by some amateur hackers. We demand from shehbaz Sharif that we don’t want new names and buildings. We want that if a new project is launched, it should be monitored as well. Reports should be made that why they are not working, where is the problem. And if you are sincere you should address that failure point. We want an investigation into this hacking matter, and public needs to know the causes.

It’s not the first time that hackers have conducted the cyber attack on the government websites and especially the police websites. In the past, several incidents of hacking and cyber attacks have been noticed.

It’s the as severe issue which demands sincerity and seriousness of attitude. For God sake, everything is not a rocket science. Administration of PML-N is proving a total failure.


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