3 year LLB

After a whole year of constant nagging of law students, it has finally been announced that those who have completed their 2 year bachelors will be allowed to enroll themselves in the 3 year LLB program at Punjab University.
Initially, the Punjab Bar Council had recommended that the duration for LLB must be extended from 3 years to 5 years, and children must enroll directly into Their LLB after their intermediate education. It was also announced that universities will only be allowed 100 students per college, and that evening classes will all be shut down. Several students who had already completed their 2 year BA degree protested against this, however, were unsure of whether PBC would extend the LLB degree or not. In case they did, the students would once again have to enroll themselves for a 5 year LLB program, and their 2 years of a BA degree would have gone to waste.
However, students of 2017 in Punjab should be happy, because Punjab University has just announced to open admissions for the 3 year LLB program, along with the regular 5 year LLB programme as well.

Admissions will start on July 26, and merit lists will be announced accordingly. Other colleges affiliated with Punjab University, such as Pakistan College of Law, will also be offering the 3 year LLB program.
We wish all the law students the best of luck with their career in law!


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