qandeel baloch case
Qandeel Baloch with Mufti Abdul Qavi

As we all know, Qandeel Baloch was a Pakistani social media celebrity who had gained fame worldwide. However, last year, she was murdered in the name of honor by her very own brother. He claimed that she was staining the name of her family, and his friends would make fun of him. He couldn’t take this anymore, and resorted to taking the life of his very own sister.This opened the Qandeel Baloch case, which was covered by news channels around the globe.

Qandeel’s brother, Waseem, very openly mentioned that he had strangled his sister to death, and did so alone. However, just recently, the whole Qandeel Baloch case has taken a sharp turn as all fingers are pointed towards Mufti Abdul Qavi, with whom Qandeel posted videos and pictures a few days before her murder. Last week, Mufti Qavi was called in order to take a lie detector test. This test showed results which were in conflict with Mufti’s statements of the investigation in this case. Although he explained several times that he had nothing to do with the murder, the lie detector test stated otherwise.

After much investigation, it is believed that the murder in fact did not take place at Qandeel’s own house. Rather, she was murdered at someone’s house who was a close acquaintance of Mufti Abdul Qavi. Mufti is currently in custody as his pre-arrest bail was rejected. During his custody, he informed the police that he was in contact with the person who drove the murder suspects, Waseem and Haq Nawaz, to the celebrity’s house. It is believed that this person was Mufti Qavi’s cousin, Abdul Basit.

Qandeel’s parents have very stated that they will not forgive anyone who is involved in the murder case of their daughter. A biopic based on the life and death of Qandeel also aired on T.V a few weeks ago, which was a huge success.



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