Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and United Arab Emirates put an end to diplomatic relations with Qatar over terrorism on Monday, disturbing the 36-years-old Gulf states union.

The dramatic move in region took place when Saudi Arabia accused Qatar of supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS (Islamic State) and Al-Qaeda and promoting their messages through their media agency and accusations of Doha’s support of Iran’s agenda.

Al-Jazeera owned and funded by Qatari Government aired documents leaked by hackers confirming UAE’s government involvement with pro-Isreal think tank against Iran. This report proved to be a disturbance in relations of Qatar with UAE and its allies.

The KSA, UAE, Egypt and Bahrain made the announcements to cut diplomatic ties with Qatar to protect their countries from terrorism and to close all land, sea and aviation ports. Saudi-led coalition in Yemen also separated itself from the Gulf State.

Qatar’s foreign ministry called these decisions of Arab nations ‘unjustified’ and called it a campaign of lies and fabrications against them.

Impacts on Panama Leaks’ Case
This Gulf State’s dispute will not only affect Qatar but will have a great impact on Pakistan’s politics too. Qatari letter could be the biggest rescue for Nawaz Sharif in Panama Leaks’ case if approved by Qatari Prince. If Pakistan’s relations turned out to be rifted with Qatar as pushed by KSA then there are chances of Nawaz Sharif to be in trouble from both sides. He couldn’t upset KSA and neither could afford Qatar’s outrage at the moment. Though Qatari Prince has already submitted his reply in SC but it is not public yet and if it goes in Nawaz Sharif’s favour then things for him will get more problematic as to choose which side. And if Qatari Prince’s reply goes against Nawaz Sharif then he could easily be at KSA’s side. But keeping personal life and favours aside, as PM of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif should opt what’s in Pakistan’s interest rather than seeking his own interest. This dispute could definitely change the picture of Pakistani politics which is revolving around Panama leaks’ case these days.

What will happen to FIFA World Cup 2022?
There are insecurities about the venue of FIFA (Federation of International Football Association) World Cup 2022 as Qatar’s land border and air space are closed and may remain closed for longer period of time then it would create havoc on the timeline and delivery of FIFA World Cup. How can the Football federation change the venue once declared? And if the venue gets changed then the Gulf country will face a great financial loss. But changing of venue for FIFA World Cup 2022 won’t be easy for Football Federation. If World Cup would be held in Qatar despite its awkward situation in the region then maybe it could uplift the country’s status but the arrival of players to Qatar seems almost difficult as its land border and air space are closed. Also Qatar’s financial situation will get worsened. Though FIFA issued a statement saying, we are in regular contact with Qatar but this situation may lead the Football Federation to change the venue.

Pakistan’s Plans
“Pakistan has no immediate plans to cut diplomatic ties with Qatar and we will issue a statement if some development will take place”, a spokesperson on foreign ministry said on Monday.

The irony is that Saudi Arabia doesn’t cut its ties with America due to its funding to Israel for terrorist activities in Palestine but is ready to cut ties with Qatar on its support to militant groups. This dispute isn’t only producing uprest in the region for now but would also affect the future events.


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