Qatar is facing serious problems after the Arab countries cut diplomatic ties with it over terrorism. The Qatari citizens have rushed to super stores to buy edibles as much as they can to get them stored since there may be food shortage in the near future because of trade stoppage between Qatar and Arab countries.

Qatar is world’s one of the richest country but being a desert area, it depends heavily on imported edibles. In 2015, the wealthy Gulf State imported about $1 billion worth of food items with third of that imported from Saudi Arabia and UAE.

After diplomatic isolation of Qatar by Arab countries they also seized trade with it by ending up land, sea and air links and closing the flights and shipping to Qatar at airports and harbours as a result of which the imports and exports between the states have been stopped.

The isolated Gulf State has started facing economical problems as Qatari stock index dropped 7.6 percent in first hour of trade. Reportedly, UAE and Saudi Arabia have stopped exporting white sugar to Qatar as well.

Qatar is a country of about 2.5 million people, dependent on edibles’ imports. About 80 percent of food items in Qatar are provided by Saudi Arabia and UAE. Closing of trade with KSA and UAE means stoppage of 80 percent edibles’ import that is a great setback to country. Thousands of trucks of foodstuff are stuck at the borders. Thats why Qatari people have rushed to stores and markets and there is kind of chaos in the markets.

Qatari people can be seen stormed up in a store.

The Qatari Government has not responded to this situation yet but surely they will approach the other countries to get them food items imported. Iran has already offered Qatari Government to import food items through three of its ports within 12 hours. Qatari Government though in the morning has already stated that they are ready to deal with the negative impacts arising after the diplomatic dispute.


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