Quetta Commission Report

Quetta Commission Report by Justice Qazi Faiz Essa on the horrific attack on August 8 is an eye opener indeed. The report is nothing but a reflection of mistakes, wrongdoings, flawed policies and inability to meet the security challenges. Facts brought by the inquiry report of an attack on Quetta’s legal community are not something new, but they have emerged as a transparent mirror so that we can see a clear reflection of what we are.

In the horrific suicide attack that swept and an entire nation of lawyers in Quetta just calls for the targetted action by reviewing all the past policies that have only provided us enhanced challenges of militancy and extremism.

Eye-opening Quetta Commission report has just caused Twitter to pop-up with a massive response from the intelligentsia and common people, criticizing the government’s policies and highlighting the failure of National Action Plan.

Here is how people responded to the revelations made in inquiry report of Quetta attack.

Do we need to overhaul the role of holy cows?

Is it only a failure of NAP, Shouldn’t we review our policies.

No doubt, the government has failed badly in obliging with his duty.

Policies of our governments and security institutes that are hell-bent on taking punitive measures against the anti-Pakistan extremist groups are indeed inevitable for implementation, but a subjective overhaul of all the actions is much necessary.

Quetta Commission Report highlighted the failures of interior ministry and institutes in curbing the terrorism and containing all the security threats. The report asks for the better implementation of the National Action Plan (NAP) along with a periodic review which seems to have failed badly.

Even if we suppose that NACTA (National Counter Terrorism Authority) are working efficiently to find and then punish the terrorists, then do we have any mechanism that can prohibit the resurge of extremists.

Unfortunately, our state has never opted for a self-impeachment to monitor the impact of its policies. We have already witnessed the effects of Afghan-Jihad against Soviet-Union in the form of import of militancy and instability of our nation. If we continued to maintain a distinction between pro-Pakistani and anti-Pakistani militants then perhaps we would continue to face more 8 August and 16 December.

Thousands of Pakistani civilians and soldiers have sacrificed their lives in the course of fighting terrorism, so many military operations have taken place and still no signs of extremists going off the scene. Where are we wrong and why meaningful action is missing. We have to rethink our past policies if we are interested in eradicating the terrorism and creating stability.



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