Adam Saleh escorted off Delta

Youtube star Adam Saleh kicked off the Delta flight for speaking Arabic is what making the trending video today. Still, the actual reason of behind the incident remains a controversy.

In his video, the YouTuber argued that he was just talking to his mother on the phone who only spoke Arabic but this made passengers uncomfortable. As a result, he was offloaded from the flight and booked for the next flight at Heathrow Airport in London.

The actor has a history of making prank videos on airplanes by staging the scenarios. So, one can’t believe that actual reason behind his removal was his speaking of Arabic on phone and incident had something to do with Islamophobia.

Even in the video man can be heard lambasting the crew for removing on account of speaking Arabic but no such response on behalf of passengers can be seen. Maybe, He shot the video first and his shouting and screaming made the passengers uncomfortable that compelled the crew to offload the man.

Still, it would be mere speculation to believe that incident was a hate crime. Earlier this, the man shot the same sort of video in a plane to feature a social experiment only to observe the response of passengers on his counting in Arabic.

There is no doubt that cases of hate crime against Muslims are very often reported in the West and especially in America. In such circumstances, it is quite obvious to analyze the event in the context of the same scenario.  In the case of Adam Saleh labeling, the incident as a manifestation of Islamophobia or racism wouldn’t be logical as video fails to support that actual reason of such discrimination to him was speaking of Arabic or shouting out loud in a plane just to create another prank video.


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