Karachi train collision

Railway accidents have become a norm in Pakistan. Three major cases have been reported since last year, and the number is still on the rise. It seems like the Ministry of the railway has mastered the art of sheer disappointment. Nothing has been done to reduce the causes of the accidents and if observed closely all the cases are of similar nature.

At least a dozen people have been killed near Landhar railway station, Karachi. More than double have been injured according to earlier reports as a result of the clash occurred between Zakaria Express and Fareed Express. The damage to the trains is another story almost two carriages are overturned. A rescue operation is being conducted, and people are pulled out of the wreckage. As a result of this accident, all train operations has come to a halt causing millions of rupees to the nation exchequer.

Earlier in September at least six people were killed when a cargo train collided with the passenger train. Awami Express contained 350 passengers, and out of them, 150 passengers were gravely injured.

In November 2015, at least seventeen people died including the driver when five boggies of Jaffar Express derailed in Bolan district, Balochistan.

In July 2015 train collision story is no different than any other stories of today. Seventeen people lost their lives when bridge partially collapsed, and train fell into the canal.

These are the cases that occurred in one year, and the department of the railway had done nothing to prevent such incidents from happening. These railway accidents have caused 52 lives and resulted in 261 injuries. When asked to the ministry about their performance, a statement is released indicating the excellent performance of the department.  But I, as a spectator can only show my disappointment in the railway department. Who do we hold responsible for the deaths of so many people? Do we still have to go on with this management or Is this the time to take charge and change which is not acceptable for us?


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