Faulty policies of railway minister

Five innocent people succumbed to death due to a train accident that can inevitably be attributed to the faulty policies of the railway minister.

In morning of 22 January 2017 a Suzuki Mehran just with Shalimar Express two, at level crossing number 65 of Faisalabad-Shorkot section. The level crossing that was an unsignaled and unmanned caused the death of six passengers in Car including four men, one woman, and a child.The train was going from Karachi to Lahore.

The level crossings that are unmanned and unsignaled require much- a precaution, according to reports there were no boards that could warn the by-passers or other traffic of any possible danger of collision with the train.

Unfortunately, Pakistan Railways is one of the most outdated modern transportation systems in the world. There has hardly been any visible up gradation after the British government implemented the system during their rule on sub-continent.

Even, the ruling government that brags about its developmental projects and Railway reforms behaves like a man who intends to buy carpet for his home’s floor when its ceiling is porous enough to allow rainwater leakage, and he is unwilling to do anything about it.

The accident is not the very first of its kind under the rule of Railway Minister Khwaja Saad Rafique, the man who admitted that bullet train was only a slogan to deceive the public for bagging votes. As happened in the tragic Lodhran accident that took away the lives of innocent school going kids, railway minister just denied to take any responsibility and victimized the lower level employees.

A PML-N government that is spending the billions of taxpayers on media bribes and advertisements to drag more votes can’t’ spend enough on upgrading the level crossings to prevent any causalities and loss of the precious human lives. The matter is clear, the priority of the government is not the primary concerns of the people they just use the lucrative and glitzy promises as bait to deceive the public. How come a government that is not willing to spend few pennies on preventing the tragic railway accidents can be such right to its fellow countrymen.


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