ramadan transmissions

Let’s say goodbye to the times when Ramadan actually meant controlling your greed and desire. In 2017, thanks to Ramadan Transmissions, now this holy month seems to be all about these two things.

There was a time when children were not allowed to watch television during the holy month. They were taught to pray, recite Quran, and be on their best behavior. They were taught simplicity, and to be content. One was completely purged from avidity, and greed was abandoned for an entire month.  Then came to us the concept of Ramadan Transmissions, and every ethic in accordance with Ramadan vanished.

It’s amazing, you know? Enhancing your show’s rating by putting forth actors from the media industry, who have little knowledge about Islam and Ramadan by themselves.

But you see them perform quite some acts themselves, probably to gain attention from everyone. It’s amusing, seeing them host Ramadan Transmissions but basically, they’re just making fun of themselves and others.

Oh, remember the time Amir Liaquat, a religious scholar, actually thrust a mango into a person’s mouth? “Aam khayega aam?!” Not sure if he was trying to ridicule the man on the show, or merely making fun of himself.

ramadan transmission There is another famous transmission called, “Jeeto Pakistan Jeeto.” In this show, you see the mere sense of brotherhood shatter in front of you when brother stands against brother, Muslim stands against Muslim, and they compete with one another for just a motorbike or a car at most?

You watch Fahad Mustafa, as he makes women eat as much food as they can, like hooligans to win prizes. You see wives painting the faces of their husbands with makeup, and you see him make elderly men dance or perform different insensible tasks. Eventually, the crowd judges who performed the task best, and the person is awarded a prize.

ramadan transmissions

But then again, I wonder, why the religious scholars never say a word against everything these people carry out on their shows. Do they think of it as a source of entertainment, and consider it morally or religiously correct to be awarded prizes after competing with one other? It is about time people realize that they need to start respecting Ramadan according to its true spirit.

These Ramadan Transmissions are doing nothing but promoting greed among the public. The public is so ignorant that they reach the place of these transmissions (studios) 2-3 hours beforehand and lose their precious time by taking part in these useless activities.

Ramadan was never about dancing, singing, screaming in the crowd, laughing and competing with each other for prizes. We need to control our desires and greed and must be content with everything we have.


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