Rameesha Riaz

Rameesha Riaz is an 18 year old Pakistani student who has just finished her A-levels from Lahore Grammar School. She was born and raised in Lahore, and her dream is to attend law school in the future.


I know several women who may have knowledge of makeup and may have some skills with it, but Rameesha is a girl who has never failed to make my jaw drop with her makeup looks. I believe she’s no less than the makeup bloggers who have attained worldwide fame for the looks they create, because Rameesha can pull of literally any look she creates with makeup. I mean look at this, blue lipstick?! Breaking stereotypes alert! None of us makeup enthusiast girls would be confident enough to rock a blue lip color this bold.

rameesha riaz
Rameesha slays in a bold blue lipstick

Rameesha tells us that she was only 12 when she discovered her passion for makeup. She said that back then she used to think everything about makeup was intriguing, and she loved how the world of makeup was so diverse!

“I was amazed at how makeup could transform a woman’s face and how it makes a huge impact on one’s self esteem. “

As she grew up, Rameesha started practicing makeup on her friends, and soon was capable enough to do their makeup with confidence. She eventually realized that she could adapt makeup as a profession, because it sparked her creativity!

A lot of women criticize other women who love to play with makeup and love wearing makeup, which is hardly acceptable. Women are supposed to build each other and lift them up, not criticize each other and drag them down. If a woman loves wearing makeup, and shes good at it, then let her be. Its her passion, and her skills, she can incorporate them in any way she wants to. Rameesha Riaz takes pride in her skills of makeup, and she says she wants to be the most sought-after makeup artist in Pakistan, flying around the world doing what she loves!


Our culture is the kind where artists are appreciated a lot, because it feels like their imagination starts in a world where our imagination cannot even reach! And according to Rameesha Riaz, by being a makeup artist, you can be one of those who fascinate our culture. Through makeup, you can transform a person’s looks completely, and boost their confidence as well. She says:

“There is something magical, almost mystical, about people who love makeup because they choose to follow their passion and their lives revolve around creativity and originality!”

Being a makeup enthusiast, Rameesha’s biggest inspiration has been Kim Kardashian throughout her makeup journey. She even had the chance to attend Kim and Mario Dedivanovic’s masterclass in the past December, where she sat down with Kim and Mario to learn about their past and personal experiences with makeup.

Rameesha riaz
Rameesha with Kim Kardashian and Mario Dedivanovic

Thanks to this makeup class she attended in the United Arab Emirates, Rameesha’s skills have reached a whole new level. Here’s an example:

rameesha riaz
Rameesha’s glam look with blood red lips

For a moment we were left in awe, damn girl! Those makeup skills.

She explained how Mario was really humble throughout the makeup class, and he taught the students different makeup techniques while creating a natural glam look. According to Rameesha, his hard work has helped him become one of the best makeup artists in the world!

“He’s an inspiration for everyone in this field!”


Rameesha Riaz actively gives makeup tutorials on snapchat, as she believes snapchat lets you interact with a lot of people on a more personal level. She not only posts makeup tutorials, but she also answers all beauty related questions for her followers. Whether you have skin issues like dry skin, acne, or you don’t know how to do a smokey eye, Rameesha will have solutions and answers to all your questions.

She also posts Do it yourself facial masks which she experiments on herself before letting it out to public, and take my word for it, those masks work wonders!

Rameesha posts full glam pictures on her instagram:

rameesha riaz
Rameesha’s instagram feed

To keep yourself updated about Rameesha’s makeup tutorials and DIY face masks, beauty related answers etc, you can follow her both on snapchat and instagram on the username: rameeshach

We hope to see Rameesha Riaz as a kick-ass lawyer who has bad-ass makeup skills in the future living her dream, as she’s definitely an inspiration for every aspiring Pakistani makeup artist!



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