Ramiz Raja to cast Katrina Kaif and Mahira Khan

Pakistani ex-cricketer and hilarious commentator Ramiz Raja has announced to debut in filmmaking career with a film on core social issue of terrorism and extremism.

According to media reports, Ramiz Raja who enjoys the fame of being an eloquent commentator would try to show in his film how sports like cricket could be used to eliminate the terrorism.

He has already cast the Sanjay Dutt in the lead role who is famous for playing characters in such movies. While the name for the male character has been finalized, Ramiz Raja is looking forward to making a choice between Mahira Khan and Katrina Kaif, as he is impressed with the talent of both these ladies.

Well, selection of the actress would also depend upon the type of the role lead female character has to play, if it is an action packed then Katrina is the right choice indeed but Mahira Khan is also grabbing the huge fan following both in India and Pakistan due to her stunning performance in his debut film Raees, where she worked opposite to Shahrukh Khan.

The movie is more likely to have suspense, action, and spice, with all the ingredients that make a film entertaining as well as meaningful with communication of any message.


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