Cholistan Jeep Rally

Administration of the Cholistan Jeep Rally has decided to take services of the Rangers and Army for foolproof security arrangements.

A meeting headed by the senator Saud Majeed was held at 90- Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam, Lahore, To review the arrangements of the Cholisatn jeep rally. Four days event that would start on 9 February would end up on 12 February. The rally’s track has been extended from 250 Km to 500 Km.

There would also be a cultural show at the end of the rally like previous years.

Saud Majeed also told that administration is making efforts to extend the rally to add more areas, including Balochistan and Sindh. He also informed that strict action would be taken against anyone who did the celebratory firing.

Cholistan Jeep Rally is one of the most enthusiastic and awaited events where almost 100 drivers participate and take a test of their skill to beat the soil of the spiritual Cholistan desert located mainly in Southern Punjab.

The game is very dynamic in its nature as it combines so many items at a single place, including sports, fun, entertainment, culture and geography. The unpopulated area of the Cholistan that usually remains a no-go area for people becomes suddenly lively with a rush of the participants, media persons and entertainers who add their part to bring life in otherwise, a gloomy tall mound of soils that keep on waiting for the visitors.


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