Ranvir Singh

Ever gone to Madame Tussauds and thought ‘Omg, I can swear this statue is real’. Every wax figure made of a celebrity is accurate to the point that it amazes us.
It feels as if you’ve taken a real life person and asked them to play statue as others marvel at them. These statues are so perfect that one would probably not be shocked if one of them moves and turns out to be the real person instead of a wax figure. Those who create these wax figures take several months to make them look absolutely perfect and without any defect. We see celebrities posting pictures on their social media, from when their bodies are being measured for the wax figures. Ranveer Singh posted a similar picture a while back.

Ranvir SinghThe wax figure was unveiled to the public on Ranveer’s 31st birthday at Grevin wax museum, Paris. His statue is accompanying Shahrukh Khan’s wax figure among others.

However, when the wax figure was revealed, the public was genuinely ‘amazed’ at how it turned out to be. Because, well, it looks like anyone but Ranveer Singh himself which is definitely a bummer.

Ranvir Singh

Looks like everything was perfectly sculpted including his hands, body measurements, hair, and eyes. However, his facial contours had minor variations.

However, Ranveer quite openly appreciated this beautiful gift and mentioned that it will forever bring back the wonderful moments and memories he made in Paris.


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