Rehman Malik
Rehman Malik

The Panama Case Joint Investigation Team (JIT) exposed Rehman Malik by declaring him as ‘cunning and unreliable’ in its report on the basis of the statements, he gave to the JIT.

The former Interior Minister and current Senator appeared before the JIT on 23rd June with a briefcase, according to him full of evidence.

“However, the JIT report badly disclosed Rehman Malik’s devious role in the happenings.”

According to the JIT, Malik tried to mislead the probing by giving the statements full of lies and he had no proof against Sharif’s corruption.

Rehman Malik is known for his cleverly done tactics based on lies, most of the time.

Malik’s entry in the investigation after the Panama Case JIT final report can only be taken as a non-serious political stunt to grab the attention.

Furthermore, the JIT report states that the Senator lied about submitting the tax records of the London flats of Sharifs to the National Accountability Bureau (NAB).

The JIT report clearly shows that the former Interior Minister did everything for the political point-scoring.

If we date back to the past to the incident of throwing Malik out of the airplane by the passengers, we will come to know about this crafty politician very well.

How artfully the Senator apologized the passengers but later on one of the travelers was suspended from his job for standing against Rehman Malik on the plane.

It’s the game plan of the almost entire Pakistan People’s Party (PPP). They cunningly get their motives done and harm the others much more than anticipated.

Malik is also just another example of such devious members of the PPP.

Since PPP doesn’t share the limelight anymore in the country’s politics; they try to come up with some non-serious and cheap stunts for being on the ‘scene’.

But this time the JIT report has aptly taken the sly and manipulative politician in the bunch.


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